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UHTCO’s high quality Peruvian ‘superfoods’ launch into north Asia


By Warren Beaumont

UHTCO, a Canadian supplier of high quality, nutritious natural health and food ingredients and supplements known as ‘superfoods’ from Peru that includes its own brands of natural and …

Higher profile for Peruvian superfoods, but challenges ahead

By Adriana Michael with notes of Warren Beaumont

Peruvian organic growers and suppliers are developing a high profile for their products in world manufacturing, retail and consumer markets. The South American …

2013: International Year of Quinoa

Logo Quinua Ingles Final Con Frase

By Andrew Ofstehage

The United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization have announced 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa, as proposed by the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The objectives …

Foods with added value a natural expansion for Bolivian entrepreneurs

By Adriana Michael

According to the 2010 Report conducted by Global Entrepreneurial Monitor, only 12% of Bolivian entrepreneurs are willing to introduce innovative practices to their businesses. With no doubt entrepreneur …