Recognized over the years for its high-quality products and continued innovation, UHTCO Corporation introduces this year at the BioFach fair in Germany a new concept to enhance its chocolate offer. This chocolate, developed with yacon root powder as a sweetener and no sugar, dairy or other unwanted common ingredients, offers an amazing taste and texture. It bears a low glycemic index (GI), which promises a great advantage for people with diabetes and those looking to reduce calories in their diet.

Yacon is an Andean root that grows at altitudes of less than 3,000 meters above sea level. It is called the “apple of the earth” for its similarity to a crisp and sweet apple that can be eaten directly off the ground without further cooking or processing. This sweet root is rich in oligofructose (also called fructooligosaccharide), a dietary sugar, which the human body does not metabolize, hence its potential use for diabetics and in body weight management. Yacon has also been associated as a prebiotic as its consumption improves gut health because of the stimulation of (beneficial) Bifidus bacteria in the colon.

UHTCO Corporation has developed several base products of the yacon root, including a yacon syrup, yacon powder, and yacon chips; UHTCO’s latest sweet chocolate incorporates a larger amount of yacon powder in its formulation. According to the University of Sydney GI Database, a typical dark chocolate has a glycemic index of 23, while artificially sweetened chocolate shows a glycemic index of 21; UHTCO’s new chocolate GI is surprisingly under 2 in preliminary testing, which is the lowest known in the industry.

The GI values of UHTCO’s Raw Yacon Chocolate Drops are currently being studied at an international accredited lab and research centre, in conjunction with two universities in Peru. The base of the study consists in tasting the Raw Yacon Chocolate Drops on an empty stomach to healthy and diabetic individuals along with placebo to a controlled group. The company expects remarkable results from to be certified from the study and will be presented at the BioFach Trade Show in Nuremberg this coming February 15-18th.

Jorge L. Urena, Founder, President and CEO of UHTCO Corporation explained that the new chocolate promises a great future for many looking for healthy snacks and treats. “We are harvesting the full potential of this incredible innovation, an all-natural low GI yacon product, the first in its class!” “We are delighted to introduce our yacon powder for appetizing but low-calorie alternative foods and treats like chocolate," added Markus Pandur, General Representative of UHTCO Corporation EU, “It is truly incredible that we can achieve such a taste in chocolate that is this healthy, especially without the use of any sugar, dairy or other common ingredients found in this type of products.”

The company will be offering this product in bulk to other manufacturers for various applications such as sports and nutrition foods, granola bars, cereals, mueslis, snacks and other confectionery goods. “This product will satisfy the sweet tooth of your customers while keeping the sugar intake low; UHTCO’s Raw Yacon Chocolate Drops will represent a big change in the industry” said Jorge Urena.

UHTCO also offers other exciting developments made exclusively with Peruvian ingredients, among them Maca, Cacao, Camu Camu and Purple Corn. They will be at BioFach in booth 5-377.