Carla Barboto with Pacari's latest range of organic chocolates at BIOFACH 2017

First, it was dark, raw, grown organic, and following fair trade guidelines. Then Pacaribecame the first biodynamic fine chocolate made entirely in Ecuador, from tree to bar. It is the brand with the most international awards and recognitions for best chocolate in the world.

But Pacari co-founders Santiago Peralta and Carla Barboto keep pushing the limits of excellence. Last year in November, the family owned chocolate maker officially became a B Corp certified company for its social performance. And literally, the sky is the limit. The mini bars of this exquisite Nacional fine chocolate are now offered in the first-class section at Emirates, one of the world's most awarded airlines.

Pacari became a certified B Corp company through the global non-profit group Certified B Corporations. Individually, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and ecological problems.

What makes Pacari a better company? According to the B impact report, Pacari obtained an overall B score of 103, while the media score (all businesses that have completed the B Impact Assessment) is 55.  A company that completes the survey needs to obtain 80 points out of 200 to be eligible for certification. Pacari achieved its highest score (51) in the Community Section of the survey. This section evaluates the relationships of a company with its suppliers and its involvement in the local community

 “Achieving a B Corp certification states that your business is also operated for a social and environmental purpose," said Carla Barboto at BioFach in Germany, one of the international fairs where the company exhibits every year.

"It was a very exhausting and strict auditing process that took eight months, but we are glad we achieved the B Corp certification."

Pacari works close and directly with the farmers to teach them to know cocoa, the weight, and qualities that are appreciated in the market. They have learned to recognize characteristics such as the humidity of the fruit, a factor that influences the price of the bags. The relationship between Pacari and the farmers is a direct trade, that is, they are the ones who set the price of their product.

Santiago Peralta said that today, more than 3,500 farming families benefit from this cooperation. “We are intimately connected to cacao farmers and their needs, and we work with them in many important ways:  to help them improve cacao yields, in implementing programs of organic and biodynamic certification, even creating a school of organic agriculture (COLEGIO CEFA),” he explained.

“Sometimes our help might seem intangible, like buying donkeys for a disabled farmer to ease his work load, or reducing the weight of cacao bags so that women can carry these bags easily to local markets, but these small things also matter and are proof of our commitment to a direct model of interaction that puts the farmer first."

Pacari at the Emirates First Class lounge

Pacari Chocolate is proud to have reached distribution on all the routes of flights of Emirates Airlines one of the most quoted airlines in the world and sponsor of the best European football teams.

The Arab airline ordered one million boxes this year, each containing 2 or 4 mini-bars; that is, one million passengers will receive the chocolate in 2017 and associate the taste of great chocolate with the Pacari brand.

"For Pacari, this achievement is not only for the company but Ecuador, since throughout the world we are proving that we are more than a cocoa-producing country appreciated by the great chocolatiers. We are a country capable of producing such high-quality chocolates that are quoted by the most demanding palates in the world," Santiago Peralta said.

Pacari delivered to the airline the bars with flavors of Rosa Andina, Maracuyá, Raw 70% and Salt of Maras, flavors that on several occasions have received numerous awards for their exquisite taste. 

Since 2002, Pacari has been an Ambassador of the Ecuadorian Nacional cacao and an inspiration to many other Latin American chocolate makers. The organic, Kosher, vegan, raw, biodynamic (Demeter) and now B Corporation has won gold at every World Chocolate Awards competition since entering for the first time in 2012. Production of the premium Nacional cacao is booming again. Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter of the fine aroma cacao, providing 63 percent of the share to this premium cacao.

B Corporations are using business not only to be profitable but to do good to the environment and to society. They are part of a growing movement that aims to change the world through positive and tangible actions to a better place for all. To date the B Corporations community includes over 2,100 Certified B Corps from 130 industries in 50 countries.