Topical magnesium products proved highly popular at the Natural and Organic Products Europe show in London this year.

Products from Australia and Hungary sat alongside UK products, which were all looking for a space in the European market.

Underlining how significant magnesium containing topical supplements could prove, BetterYou’s Magnesium Skin Body Butter won Best New Natural Skincare Product at the Natural and Organic Awards Europe, announced at the show.

“People are starting to realize the benefits that magnesium has, people realize we don’t get enough through our diet and now know that you can get it through transdermal absorption,” says New Product Development Manager Greg Weatherhead, explaining the reasons behind the products' popularity.

Australian Karma Rub also offers a topical magnesium oil and launched its product to the UK market at the show. The product has already been around for five years in Australia and two in Poland.

They claim that topical magnesium is better absorbed, with 90 percent absorbed through the skin compared to just 50 percent through the stomach.

OSI Magnesium was also exhibiting its gel at the show and has been sold in the UK for one year.

“Magnesium is essential for the body,” said marketing manager Rita Varadi-Vaga.

“People who do a lot of sport or pregnant, need more magnesium or they will get muscle cramps.”

Another novel magnesium product, iMagT was also on display at the show. This is a sublingual magnesium powder, designed to improve brain function said Raj Bhachu, the director of the Sai Nutrition Centre.