Organic Sweden announced in October that it had been commissioned by the Swedish Board of Agriculture to implement a three-year information campaign on organic food with organic farmers, the Swedish Consumers epoch (SLU) and communications agency Futerra.

The Agriculture Department has also given Organic Sweden the task of producing and disseminating market information ekomarknaden and granted 26 million crowns (US$2.9 million) in support of the campaigns.

The Agriculture Department is supporting efforts to increase awareness of ecological food's added value, contributing to a continued healthy market development and sustainable food production in Sweden.

"We look very much forward to both missions. We also look forward to co-operating broadly with stakeholders in eco-Sweden to spread awareness of the added value of organic production and consumption causes," said Charlotte Bladh Andre, CEO of Organic Sweden.

During the work on the Action Plan for Organic Food in 2017-18, there was a clear preference from the eco-industry that funds should be spent on increasing the knowledge of organic foods, including through broad information campaigns and the market.

"After many years without goals and initiatives, it is gratifying that we now have clear goals and resources to drive the development of ecologically. In this way we can contribute to reaching the 30 percent organic agricultural area and 60 percent organic consumption in the public sector by 2030," said Johan Ununger, president of Organic Sweden.

An analysis by Business Sweden reveals that Sweden's strong selection of organic products is a strength for Swedish food exports in general.

Charlotte Bladh Andre, CEO of Organic Sweden, commented: "The Swedish organic food and its added value corresponds to the outside world's growing demand for healthy, sustainable and reliable food. The challenge we face is to communicate the value and positioning 'Sweden as an Ekoland' at the forefront."

"Organic Sweden is the platform for everyone who works for increasing sales and exports of organic food and offers a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in organic production and consumption. We create opportunities for organic food companies to cooperate in various ways to take advantage of the growing market space in Sweden and internationally," Organic Sweden said.

Malmo hosts the 6th edition of Natural & Organic fairs 

On 14-15 November, the Nordic Organic Food Fair celebrates its 6th edition.  Running parallel to Natural Products Scandinavia, it is the leading Nordic trade fair for producers and buyers from all over Europe and other parts of the world with interest in organic foods.

Since its inception in 2013, the event has become Scandinavia's most significant meeting place for KRAV-certified food and drink, opening doors for Swedish environmentally friendly exports. 

Several of Sweden's organic firms are exhibiting at the show - both in the Business Sweden pavilion, Try Swedish pavilion and their stands, including Magni Hill AB, Skåne Chili, Get Raw, Bosarpkyckling, Alex & Phil, Berga Mill, and Lily's and Hanna's Raw Food Ice Cream. Top importers and distributors, such as organic pioneer Biofood-Biolivs AB will also display products from local and imported brands.

"Our presence in NOFF is a central part of our export strategy. Our participation at the fair has given us several new customers, and exports now account for 25 percent of our sales. This year we will unveil our new organic products to be launched in February," said Carolina von Rosen, Get Raw.

Natural Products Scandinavia and Nordic Organic Food Fair return to MalmöMässan in the city of Malmö, with over 500 exhibitors from 46 countries showcasing the latest trends and best products in eco-living, natural health, nutrition, beauty, skin care, self-care, and certified organic food and drinks.

“This year looks set to be our biggest and best show, with a record number of companies showing more products than ever before. It’s a must-see event for anyone working in the healthy living, nutrition, natural beauty, and self-care sectors,” says Fiona Allen, portfolio director of Natural Products Scandinavia.

Big-name buyers – including Aldi, WeMake, Life, Helsekost, Holland & Barrett, Åhléns, Matas, Dansk Supermarked, 7-eleven Denmark, IKEA, H&M, Coop Trading, Netto, and Magasin du Nord – attend the show annually to source the latest innovations and to discover exclusive market statistics, growth opportunities, and consumer habits affecting their industry today.

Johannes Cullberg, CEO and founder of Paradiset (Sweden's largest organic food store), said: "Natural Products Scandinavia and the Nordic Organic Food Fair is the event of the year for us. There was where we found several of our first suppliers and we have participated every year since.” Johannes will speak in the Natural Theatre, at 1.45pm on the show’s opening day, about three key solutions that need to happen to take organic food to the next level.

As well as a new sustainable packaging zone, displaying the best eco-packaging innovations, there will also be dedicated ‘eco packaging’ talks associated by Packbridge, in the Natural Theatre.

Other seminars include those on Sustainability in fashion and packaging; Consumer trends in health and supplements; while Karina Kaae Hermansen, strategic advisor at Sustainable Lead will outline what the future holds for consumer health and wellness. 

Midsona and Svensk Egenvård’s chairman, Peter Åsberg, and managing director, Mats Nilsson, will give the latest updates and outline the future of the food supplements sector in Sweden.

Leading organic organizations and industry thought leaders have been confirmed to appear in the Nordic Organic Food Fair’s Organic Theatre.

Charlotte Bladh André from Organic Sweden, together with Maria Varnauskas from Business Sweden, will showcase statistics on Swedish exports from an international perspective at the end of the first day (14 November). And Cecilia Ryegard, editor and founder of Ekoweb, will be providing her latest figures and trends from the Swedish organic market, in the first session of the second day (15 November).

The Nordic Organic Food Fair and Natural Products Scandinavia expect over 5,000 organic food buyers, food service professionals and consultants from across Scandinavia, Europe, and overseas.

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